Company History

US Thermal Inc., located on the outskirts of Cincinnati Ohio, was incorporated in 1991 to manufacture portable water heaters utilizing its patented technology. US Thermal was soon producing its “Hot Dog “ line of portable propane fired water heaters. The Hot Dog soon found favor with fire departments and public works companies.
Uses included:
- Quick thawing of water mains and hydrants
- General wash down of personnel and equipment (especially in cold weather)
- Haz Mat Decon

In the private sector additional uses included:
- Asbestos abatement
- Pesticide free pest control

In 1993 US Thermal Inc. was approached by the US Army’s Natick Engineering Centers, Project Manager Soldier, whose mission was to improve soldier’s quality of life in the field. To comply with the Army’s fuel requirements a multifuel unit was developed; the MFX 2705 Heater, Water, Liquid Fuel. Additionally, a 4 stall, low pressure, inflatable air beam shelter was developed incorporating plumbing and drain lines.
Uses included:
- Field Showers
- Ration Heating
- Hasty Decon

After extensive testing at Aberdeen proving grounds, the first units (Bath Unit, Portable) were fielded in Bosnia in March of 1996. In the years since thousands of units have been fielded by all branches of the military for use around the world including Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. US Thermal Inc. and its employees are proud to continue it s support of the US Military. Our products are currently stocked by the Defense Logistics Agency or available direct from US Thermal through GSA Advantage. For more information see our procurement page.