Product Information

Water Heater - NSN 4520-01-411-8740

  • Supplies water for 4 continuous showers

  • Pulls water from any source - tank, stream, city water, ect.

  • Water is pressurized, heated to selected temperature and discharged to the shower heads

  • Fast - can start taking showers 10 minutes after heater is started

  • Multifuel - burns JP4, JP8. diesel, fuel oil #1 & #2, kerosene and arctic

  • Fuel efficient - burns 1/4 gallon (1 litter) of fuel per hour in highest output mode

  • Includes accessory tray which attaches to bottom of heater to store hoses, cables, tent stakes, spray gun, ect.

  • Size is 20" x 13" x 21" (51cm x 33cm x 53cm) with accessory tray attached

  • Heater weighs 75 pounds (34 kg.)

  • 12 or 24 volt models available - an adapter is provided to plug into any NATO vehicle. Auto ranging 90/240 volt AC power adapter is available

  • Supplied with quick disconnecting fittings

  • Safe to operate

  • Low maintenance and has self diagnostic control system

  • No dedicated personnel required to operate


Shower Shelter - NSN 5410-01-411-8739

  • Has built-in floors, doors and skylights

  • Contains 4 removable stalls, incoming plumbing with shower heads and drain lines

  • Shelter size 8' x 12' (2.4m x 3.7m) with 7'2" (2.2m) maximum height

  • Has 1/2 gallon (2 Liters) per minute water conserving shower heads -  only 2 gallons (7.6 liters) of water are required per shower

  • Stalls are removable so structure can be reconfigured for other uses

  • Weight is about 150 pounds (68 kg.) including all shower stalls, shower heads, drain lines, ect.

  • Packed in two bags for transport - each bag is 35" x 29" x 17" (89cm x 74cm x 43cm) high  and weighs 75 pounds (34 kg)

  • Has low pressure air beam structure with manual inflator included - can be erected in 7 minutes

  • Tent Cover is removable

  • Tent is accessible from all 4 sides and all sides can be open for ventilation

  • Floor mats are included

  • Fabric is waterproof

  • Tent can withstand over 30 mile (48 km) -per hour winds

  • Each stall has a bag for toilet articles

  • Each stall has an area for temporary storage of clothes

  • For night use, each stall has facilities for hanging a flash light or chemical light stick